Birthing Chair w/Magic Wand Holder


The Metalbound Stimulation Birthing Chair is a fantastic BDSM piece perfectly designed for that Dom or Domme who wishes to deliver a whole range of sensations. From kinky-comfy to 24/7 intense labor-pain, this treacherously divine dungeon or home BDSM chair is built to withstand a beating. Features include a three-section supportive backrest, one spread-style padded seat, two padded armrests, and two elongated padded leg supports. Unique to the Stimulation Birthing Chair is a welded aluminum extension designed to keep your favorite toy, device, or “Magic Wand” in place for hands-free play. Features include an adjustable backrest and height support for precision bottom control. Twelve welded attachment points beneath the seat, leg rests, adjustable backrest, and armrests accommodate all of your cordage and restraint play. The Stimulation Birthing Chair is height-adjustable so you can lift, lower, and swivel your slave for superior comfort and maximum access for all topping activity. As always, the Metalbound Birthing Chair can be delivered to you in your favorite color metal finish and upholstery.


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