Customizable Bed with Cage


Keep ’em Caged!
Customized bed goes to the next level in confining the bedroom slave. One of MetalBound’s most popular bondage beds: Customizable Steel Bondage Bed became even more dark and twisted with the addition of an underbed cage to lock the slave or sub away until needed and a removable stockade to hold that squirmy creature in position when it’s time to play.

This bed features 12 welded semicircle attachment points at the four vertical posts a and a total of 9 welded semicircle attachment points on the curved overhead bars.

King Size w 18 in cage-$5340

Queen Size w 18 in cage – $4840

Removable stockade – $550

Removable upholstered cross – $880

Sling extenders – $440

Any bed we offer can be finished the color of your choice.
All of our beds break down for affordable shipping.

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