Hellraiser Suspension Table


Hellraiser Suspension Table is a highly seductive piece of Metalbound bondage furniture that is truly impressionable. This piece clearly demonstrates the technical prowess and love of the BDSM arts that is unique to Metalbound furniture. The frame is hand-crafted from steel into a bowtie shape producing an interesting aesthetic that will breathe the dramatic into any suspension scene, dungeon, or home playroom. Eight securely welded triangular eyes are deliberately placed for ideal rigging with any type of BDSM suspension unit. The Hellraiser is studded with 61 elegant lacing hooks, including 20 lining each curved edge of the long sides of the table, and 21 arranged internally for artistic and technical binding of natural body contours.Like all Metalbound furniture, the Hellraiser Suspension Table can be built in any custom size, color, metal finish, and any kinky specification. If you need help with ideas, professional insight, or assistance piecing together a complete Metalbound suspension rig, please contact us so that we may build your dream collection of bondage furniture.

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