Round Top Puppy Cage Custom Colors


This round top puppy cage is one of those items that just completes and complements a serious bondage gear collection. This super secure welded steel cage measures 32 inches high, and features a round top design that demonstratesthe level of detail and polish that makes our dungeon furniture so highly sought after. The 28 inch wide. 43 inch foot print of the cage is large enough to accommodate any size slave small to large, but it is tight enough to ensure they get that that captured and confined feeling they crave.  This is a great piece for Pro-Dommes, those with serious bondage and dungeon furniture collections, puppy play and cage fetishists. They also make great props and set pieces for music videos and movies.


• A super strong and well finished 32 inches high rounded top puppy bondage cage.

• Made for the most demanding dungeon furniture and bondage gear collectors.

• This is a solid welded steel bondage cage, not a bolt together cage that comes apart.

• Measures 32 inches tall, 43 inches long and 28 inches wide.

• Available in black, blue or red powder coat or the finish of your choice includes bare steel


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