The Play-Hard Duo Chair

The Play-Hard Duo is a remarkable bondage chair that easily converts and doubles as a bdsm spanking bench. Metalbound’s Play-Hard Duo features a hand-welded, Rust Patina Steel frame that exudes an “Old-World” dungeon feel and aesthetic coupled with “New-World” comfort from its padded and upholstered V-style seat, backrest, and side supports. The two side supports, while useful and comfortable during topping activities to the bottom in the bondage chair, are fantastically designed to be repositioned outward and extend away from the seat forming a one-of-kind cross-platform spanking bench. Connecting bars between the chair’s legs are hand-fashioned to feature continuous rods with inlayed eyes dotting the rods’ lengths, which are visually and mechanically magical when securing your favorite restraints and/or threading cordage around your victim. Metalbound feeds on learning about your custom bondage furniture needs, and gets off by designing or complementing your bdsm furniture fantasies into an everlasting reality.


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