Remember- What You See on the Website is Only the Beginning of What is Possible

Scroll bed extra scrollsScroll bed purple cross

Think about it: color of upholstery, color and finish of the piece itself, design elements and most importantly functional characteristics such as attachment points, shelves or attached tables for your needed devices and implements, cages ,impalers, stocks, and more can be made to suit you specifically when you customize your piece.

Look at this beautiful example of a custom Scroll Bed I recently completed for a customer. The custom bed features a headboard that is completely filled with scrollwork, unlike the narrower band in the middle of the original. This customer chose black upholstery rather than purple for the removable cross and she chose not to include the scrolls near the bottom of the bed at the four corners.

The attachment points on the canopy are fully welded to the canopy rather than hanging rings. She opted for more attachment point and, at her request, I made the stockade fully adjustable. This bed also has curtain rods built in so it can be hung with curtains on all four sides.

If you are looking at the Metalbound website, there is a chance that you yourself may have special needs, unusual predilections or particular and specific tastes. So get the piece of furniture that reflects who you are and how you play. Ask about any adjustments that can be made to any of the pieces you see on this site so we can make the perfect piece for you.

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